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is it possible to link your ipod to 2 itunes?


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May 26, 2004
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hey guys, as you know i have 2 computer and i download music from both of them. however i am wondering, if it is possible to link your ipod to 2 itunes? becasue everytime i plug it in to one of the ocmputers. it says its linked to another one and unless i delete all the songs from on the ipod itself, i can not download the songs from the computer.

e.g. i have 5G's of music on my DT and put it on my ipod, but then i plug my ipod in to my laptop to download the remaining 200kb of music, but it gives me the message that its linked to another itunes, which is my desktop and i can only download the music if i make that one the primary one.


I don't think you can, as you said the iPod is registered to one library, I even tried copying the whole iTunes folder to the laptop but it still worked out it was a different PC.

Take a look at ww.ipodlounge.com have a hunt round the downloads section there are all sorts of useful free/shareware progs there.

Also lots of info/faq's and a forum so I'm sure someone will know the definitive answer on this one.

Let us know how you get on, I'd be interested to hear if it's possible too. :D
i know there is a program u can pull songs from ur ipod to a computer but donno fi there are ones u can get from 2 pc's

normally i just copy it on to the HD and then put it on my comptuer and load it on.
Okay, just a quick question from me. I've deleted my iTunes library because it consumed to much disk space.
Since then I've reinstalled Itunes on my PC I'm afrait to connect my iPod to it because of the auto alignment. Will my files be lost or can I connect my iPod to my empty iTunes without a problem.
Come on guys, somebody must know the answer to my question. I want to rip some CD's.
I can't believe you guys. Half of the board has iPods and nobody knows the answer to my question ?
No you don't. You're just a n00b who would be already overextend with the installation of the iPod software. :mrgreen:
My bro bought a ipod shuffel (the most sexy flash mp3 player IMO) and i could not get it going with itunes. Libary something, all the songs were put there with another computer.

In the end I gave up on itunes and found this:

its a plugin for winamp.

Install it, then go to winamp's media library, and your ipod will be there under devices :)

Worked fine with me.
Finally someone willing to help me. Sorry for letting you down in the Photoshop thread.
It won't happen again. :mrgreen: