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Is she dead?


I Bought This Title :o
May 17, 2004
The Netherlands
Found this on b3ta. And i can't stop looking.

scarey, eh?


OMG :shock: that's just too damn creepy :eek:

hurl ..........

Maybe she has some kind of sickness that makes the face rock solid or something...

Maybe it's like the Simpsons...she's had plastic surgery to get her face stuck like that.

Not dead, because in a few of those pictures (some of the more off-angled ones) you can see that her eyes are looking in different directions. But yeah, she looks freakish... :woot: <--almost like that little guy...
If I had to have that many pictures of me taken in one night, I'd look dead too. Also, :shock: is not the best expression to have on your face...
OMG, not only does the girl have the same face expression, her hair remains unchanged as well. Other than the position from which she's posed, she doesn't even twitch.
:shock: Even if that were a fake, it's some scary stuff ... :evil:
I had a teacher who had a heart attack while he was smiling or laughing, so you'd see him smiling with a weird smile (just like that girls creepy smile) all the time, even when he's angry and shouting he'd be smiling. the first couple of classes with him, he'd be screaming on me and smiling at the same time and i'd be like wtf.. ahh ur kidding right? right? :unsure: , naybe its the same thing with that girl, or her nervous system and muscles are fucked around the face area.. :eek:
haha you know what i've got a female friend in brazil, and when she sends me pics of her with her friends, some do have those fake smiles.. :p maybe they're just not that relaxed infront of cameras lol or that party ur getting those pics from is a party for "special" people. :lol:
Kip_6666 said:
I'm not going to brazil till someone sheds light on this..

Or theres someone really addicted to photoshop somewhere out there..

I'm thinking that last thought there, too...with pictures that small, it is hard to tell...