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Is there a miracle program that can recover deleted files?


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Jul 12, 2004
Sydney, Australia
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I'v lost approximatly 1.1gigs of 2002 Top Gear eps that I was zipping up using WinRAR in order to free up space on my hard-drive when there was an unfortunate incident :shock: .
Anywayz, the end result was a loss of most 2002 eps. I just wanna know if there is ANY program that might help me access files that * :cry: might :cry: * have gotten deleted?
C'mon guys, this is regarding Top Gear!! If there isnt a program MAKE ONE!! (sorry bout that :oops: )
I think they are but its either really expensive or really illegal...

I heard when the HD "deletes" the files, all it really does is ignore them and just write over them
There are programs able to do that. I had a similar problem one year ago and tried it. Turned out that the files were either corrupt or already partially overwritten. No chance in restoring them complete. The downside is that it only works perfectly if you stop every program immediately and start to restore your files right away.
If you have used your computer since you've deleted your files, your chances of restoring them are slim.
Its been a stressfull few days but I found away to recover my files. :D

Recover My Files: The best of all of them but takes waay to long to search for lost files. Will display files it CAN recover but you have to pay $60+ in order to ACTUALLY recover the files. Too expensive :shock: .

Active@Undelete: Does the job quicker though not as accurate. Also have to register before being able to actually recover files.

Restorer 2000 Demo- Not bad but have to register

File Scavenger: Does the job super quick..maybe not as accurate...

Hope this helps some people :) .

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SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! - Unless you managed to recover them, STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW!

By using your computer, you are risking overwriting the files as while they haven't actually been deleted (just marked as deleted), you could overwrite them with new files.
Sorry about putting that link down :oops: . Didnt know.
I got all my 2002 Top Gear ep's back that I lost but only 5 of them worked. Im using DivFix and other progz to fix the screwed up ones.
May it be a lesson to others: If you accidently delete a file, stop using ur comp or else you will overwrite them with new data.
u should get norton system works. has some recovery wizard that that helpd me a few times
try "GetDataBack for NTFS" from RunTime software, it has saved my bacon a few times, and is a bit cheaper.

I have had successful recoveries as long as I never did a deletion from the command line (DOS) window, that appears to trash the pointers to the file even more effectively.
try "GetDataBack for NTFS" from RunTime software, it has saved my bacon a few times, and is a bit cheaper.

I'm a cheapskate and dont wanna pay for proggyz..cracks are the way! :thumbsup: