Is this section dead?

This always happens with things like this.* :( Happened to the photoshop forum, even on a forum the size of FG (ie. a healthy medium size... and the passersby while TG's airing don't count and don't even post outside *shudder* that section) it's hard to keep things going unless it's in a section where the majority of the regulars hang out and feel they're capable of participating. [asshole] It doesn't help when the person running it runs it unilaterally and very slowly [/asshole].

*except on specialized forums where everyone is a photographer/artist/musician/writer/etc
We could try unearthing it from a shallow grave.

But we need some construction workers :hmm:
We could try unearthing it from a shallow grave.

But we need some construction workers :hmm:

They have Parkinson's now. :(
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I'll run the friggin contest section, I have time on my hands (even if I don't enter most of the contests but that's just me being lazy)

Tough to run a contest that nobody bothers entering. But realistically, the contest having few entries was indicative of the entire section slowing down; the section activity has been in decline for some time now, unfortunately, and I think we've all noticed that. It happens to a lot of photo subsections on "established" forums. Only a few people stick to the hobby, while there aren't enough new members to the forum to make up for the people that put the hobby on hiatus or abandon it completely.

Either way, I'm more than happy to run more contests if people are going to participate. I'm sorta unsure of what to do with the 2 "current" ones.
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Sorry I wasnt active here back when this section was still alive. The car forum I mainly posted on (Jabbas World now known as had the same thing happen only much sooner. It still has photo contest winners on the front page back from 2008. The site has become a ghost town which is why I migrated over here. Not to mention having Andy Wilman visit the site was a nice incentive ;)
We should start doing that again...I miss those contests.
Bump. I just got an X100T and it would be fun to restart these.

Though possibly with modifications to the process.

Any interest?
It was fun but I doubt there would be too many participants nowadays, readership is pretty down forum-wide after the site was down. As before, if people express interest we could definitely do it again.