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Italian police uses Segway


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Jul 22, 2005
Milano, Italia
5 cars + 8 motorcycles
The Italian trainstation police have started to use the segway, this picture is from Torino, by the end of january every trainstation police "precinct" will have the Segway.

video: http://www.segway.it/DesktopModules/ViewDocument.aspx?DocumentID=133


belgian police uses it as well at the sea, to plow through the crowd and to have a better overview (and during the night, they are used in hospitals by the nurses, good arrangement if u ask me)
:lol: ?

the italian cops had so much style, now they're losing it all... :D
:lol: Nice improvement from the lambo :lol:
i'd be happy to take the segway :lol:
jensked said:
ryosuke said:
:lol: ?

the italian cops had so much style, now they're losing it all... :D

Style? :) Ugly blue fiats if you ask me. Or that's the municipal police. The highway police and the Carabinieri use better equipment.

I'm always scared if i see Italian Police, cause you never know with them :)
they've got the coolest uniforms and often use alfas. ok, they use a lot of small cars, but thats just because the streets are so tiny and congested that tiny fiats are quicker than anything else.
and you should see them in action! i was in rome in autumn and it was very cool indeed. i once saw two police cars speeding on their way to a mission, they weren't driving behind each other, which would be more effective and less dangerous, no they were blastin' down the tramway in the middle of the road side by side and thus they shot right over the red lights and a busy intersection without mercy. or on an other day, some person of importance was being escorted by carabinerie on motorycles, who managed to ride their bikes at breakneck speeds, zig-zag through the traffic, while whistling and gesticulating wildly, at times almost sticking their heads into drivers' sidewindows to shout at them. even their sirens are subtle instead of ear-deafening and the traffic wardens are only beaten by the asians who control intersections with choreographys more complicated than any ballet.
There's a number of police departments here in the US that have been using segways for a while. I know my hometown (Norfolk, Virginia) has a team of segway police officers for downtown. I've also seen them in Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Richmond (Virginia). So in other words, its nothing new for police to have segways, at least here.
i like how the guy has the offroad version
If the arrest somebody, how do they take them to jail? Do they carry them over their shoulder? Drag them?