Italian redhead

Went to Cars and Coffee today:


Seriously, my parents are gonna walk in on me one of these days...and it'll take some explaining.
It was available over there. If you look closely, the 8C Competizione next to my 8C Spider is a US-spec car, registered in Massachussetts. The owner flew it to Italy for the summer.

There are 84 8C Competiziones in the United States, and about 30 8C Spiders.
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I still fail to see an actual redhead on your pictures. Your car doesn't even have a "head", being a converbrioroadspyderster.
White = splooge.
Very nice to see, as usual. What are the other 8C owners like and was this a local Torino meetup?

There was just another owner. He's from the US, and flew his Competizione to Italy for the summer (it's the same car you see in the Cars and Coffee pics at the beginning of this page). The other two Spiders are owned by Alfa Romeo.
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