It's that time of year... TG off to film the "Christmas" Special


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Jun 25, 2011
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No indication of where yet, but here's the string of tweets from today:

@MrJamesMay @RichardHammond Look, it's pouring with rain and my television has broken. Do you fancy going somewhere hot for 2 weeks?
While we are there, we could cock about and maybe make a Christmas Special, which we could air in February.
Well this is it. We are off to make the Top Gear Special. And I have a bad feeling about this mission.
Just one thing before I get to the airport. I'm already a bit twatted.
On the plane, James May was seated next to a pretty girl. Who just asked to be moved.

@JeremyClarkson I'm up for it. How about the Maldives?

@MrJamesMay No. Let's go somewhere where Hammond can't eat anything.
More updates... any ideas on where they are? That picture of James seems to show no clues.

Sit rep after first day of filming for TG Special. My knee hurts. There will be no further updates as there's no coverage where we're going.

A game for all the family. Can you see what James has forgotten?

Helpful signs of the world.
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"There will be no further updates as there's no coverage where we're going."

China? /wishfulthinking
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There have actually been a couple of tweets with some indication that they are in Myanmar (Burma)

Ian Davies @IanMDavies
@RichardHammond I hear you're in Yangon! I live here now. How long are you all in the country for?

Yangon in the current name for Rangoon.


@phyodabomb: @JeremyClarkson Are you guys in my motherland? A buddy of mine had a "Clarkson" sighting

So what might the challenge be? It will be hot and steamy that's for sure.
Nice! Burma could get very interesting in terms of cars due to the long political embargo they had (and still have)...

Asked someone I know from Burma at uni and he confirmed it's Burmese writing... Top line = Thai, bottom = Burmese.

This is likely a sign at the border of Thailand and Burma.
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So they're coming to Thailand? Finally! :D
Where ever they are the are running very over-schedule as Jeremy has confirmed in a few tweets this morning. Richard and some of the film crew were due to have flown to Australia last weekend to start filming his Weather documentary series...a storm chaser in Durban tweeted that he was 'gutted' that the filming had to be abandoned because the both the presenter and film crew were delayed...
Oh goodie another round of scripted fail and insulting indigenous populations. With added ladyboy gags.

:clap: Well done Top Gear!
Currently, there is a big protest here in Bangkok. But I don't think it'll go on the show. I believe it's also the reason why there's absolutely no news about their appearance, or maybe most of us just don't know Top Gear.

If I know where they're, I probably would go and have a look, but sadly, I don't.