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Nov 5, 2007
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Been shooting for about 15 years now, currently on a Nikon Z6. I've got three primes (20mm, 50mm, 85mm, all f/1.8) and a 200-500mm f/5.6. Being Orlando-based, a lot of what I shoot is theme parks, but I did recently get back from a Rhine River cruise and had a great time rediscovering my enjoyment of photography there. All of these shots can be seen in more detail on Flickr; I'm just trying not to kill your download speeds.

Beacons of EPCOT by Ben, on Flickr
Figment's Rainbow by Ben, on Flickr
That's No Moon by Ben, on Flickr
Galactic Center by Ben, on Flickr
Neuschwanstein Castle by Ben, on Flickr
Pfalzgrafenstein and Gutenfels Castles by Ben, on Flickr
Cologne Cathedral by Ben, on Flickr
Great shots, I particularly like the colours in the first and then the moon/starry sky shots. Love the bright colours on many of your shots, don't get much neon and such here!
Thanks; Orlando is weird in that I have brightly color theme parks down the road from me, but if I drive 2 hours south, I can go to a national dark sky area and shoot the Milky Way. And yet, I feel my best work yet came when I went to Europe... d'oh!
Orlando is weird
I could've told you that. :tease:

I suppose it's a case of what's unusual to you that stands out. For me that's the theme parks, for you the European architecture. :)
Went to a car show on Saturday.


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This was one of my favorites. No paint, no badges. Just carbon.


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