Ownership Verified: I've jumped the shark(nose)! 1986 BMW 735i

A medium one on average is ~8 EUR here and a large one ~15-17 EUR. Also we have car insurance that covers cars declared off the road!*

* Requires casco insurance on the car. Home insurance covers nothing related to vehicles nor the garage building (insurance for the garage, incl. possessions inside it, excl. vehicles, is bought "separately" on top of home insurance). Also I may be wrong about some/all of this because I'm not an insurance expert but I believe this is how it works e.g. for myself.
And it's for sale. I haven't had time to do anything to it in a long time, and I don't see this changing in the near future. Add to that the fact that I no longer need a car. I will be sad to see it go, but it's no good for it sitting outside my house rotting away.
I will miss that door creak during the next Ringmeet.

Glad I had a chance to drive it. :)
Link to the advert please.
There is no advert yet, outside the Dutch BMW E23 forums and some places nicjasno frequents. Because I want it to go to a good home, and because right now I don't have time to deal with tyrekickers, I'm not making a public ad yet. If you know people who are interested, shoot me a PM and I will provide you with contact details. In the mean time, all the info needed is in the thread, asking price right now is 2000?.
If in the next days Rebeca got word of getting a job in Europe, I'd be buying this so fast. :D
Good luck.
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Does this mean Adus will be Ringmeeting in a Smurfmobile?

(Noone's ever said those words before.)
Sad to know I won't hear that door that car again, but glad to know it's going to someone who will make it great again. :)
Aww, this car was cool. Glad it's going to a good home.