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Jaguar Advanced Lightweight Coupe Concept


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Mar 17, 2004
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Perhaps a glimpse at the next XK coupe.



More here
Hmm front is really nice, think the back will be changed. Thumbsup.

btw. Why do they open the boot? I want to see what's under the hood :S
Ohhhhhh :woot: :woot: So beautiful :thumbsup:
I don't know if I like it. It's very derivative and lacks character. The front lights remind me of a Dodge Stealth, the side windows and roof line are Porsche 911, the rear quarter panels are DB9, Crossfire rear end, and the interior is pure Honda.

Things I do like. The oval grill (getting old though), the hood bulge, and the rear exhaust coming into one like the old E-Type V-12. Jag needs to look at what Aston Martin is doing and start building some character into their cars. The DB9 is an instant classic.
This car looks very nice, and if they work on the back it would look great.
I'll post exactly what I just said aloud to myself:


It certainly looks like Ford is sticking its dirty, grubby fingers into yet another facet of the beloved Jaguar brand. It's so obviously...Ford.
Have to agree with dr. woo, the firs thing that came to my ind was Ford! it so reminds me somehow of some ford concept I might have seen, the rear has some cougar dna in it definitely... otherwise a good looking car. I just want all the fordness of it.
i really like the front of the car. I think it looks awesome. The lights, a bit less awesome, but okay. The rear, however, i don't like as much..it just seems weird for some reason.

Oh, and i also really like those rims :thumbsup:
I dunno. Looks like a plastic toy. Too many shiny details and sharp edges (for jag). I didn't even recognize it as a Jaguar (didn't read the subject first).
zeroSignal said:
The shape is a bit DB9-ish, but overall, I like it. The front needs a bit more character - I like the current 'cut-out' light shape of the XK. But overall, not bad.
Yeah, I was thinkin' the same thing. Had to double check that it was really a Jag and not an Aston.
Looks like an Aston... Which isn't bad... I'm not that much of a Jag fan anyway...

I gotta agree with you guys. Look at any jag nowadays and you can just instantly tell that it's a jag from the sillouette. Gotta double check with that one.
i think Jaguar was lazy and they stole Aston's design papers and photocopied them. then ford said to put the XK 's front bumper with a double-chin and someone from mazda said to put some really ricer tail-lights.

just my thought... :thumbsdown:
I think it looks great. As mentioned it is quite similar to a db9, however i think the db9 is just a bit more beautiful. And if i would like a Jag I would also want it to look like a Jag. The usual Jag characteristics just aren't obvious enough :(.
Looks ace, I've driven the current shape XKR quite a lot and love it.

Could be a bit quicker though.

The XK8/R and the DB7 were similar cars so it makes sense that the new XK will be similar to the DB9.