Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0


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Apr 2, 2007
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thevictor390;n3550619 said:
It's not a stereotype that applies to a person, but a product. And pretty much each country of manufacture has one. in the US:

American cars are big engine loud noise no cornering ability.

German cars are over-engineered to the point of unreliability.

Japanese cars are boring.

Korean cars are cheap.
Anything made in China is crap


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Jul 13, 2011
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Be as dismissive about it as you want, but in the age of "this offends me™" you can be sure as shit that a media group would never stereotype the employees of a company that is majority-owned and employed by minorities. Italians used to be a minority group once upon a time and things like Fix It Again Tony and Alfa Repairo were pejorative terms from those times.
I’m dismissing it because for reasons others have already put forth, your conflation of the treatment of inanimate objects as somehow discriminatory are insane.

My daughter can string together a more coherent line of reasoning than you, and she’s three months old. I’m also willing to bet she produces less fecal matter out of her anus than you do out of your mouth.

For as long as I’ve been on these forums, you have never, not once, failed to defend even perceived slights against your precious Italian auto industry. Your inability to think critically, combined with your incredibly thin skin, makes you the living embodiment of today’s “this offends me” sociopolitical climate (and so your invoking of that term in a derisive way only further illustrates your lack of self awareness).

You need what I would refer to as a “separation of church and state” mentality. You need to separate what’s in your head from what’s in your heart. No one’s going to criticize your passion for a car based on origin (except maybe Spectre), but they sure as shit will lambaste the cars themselves for actual faulty mechanics or engineering when it pops up. So what if it’s become a trope? Notice how the mainstream still thinks of German engineering as the pinnacle of all things automotive, yet many of us here will say otherwise? The local population on FG aren’t brainless sheep, and do not tend to accept baseless accusations from Jalopnik (let alone elsewhere) as gospel. We can determine shoddy writing or journalism when we see it.

Even if only 25% of what the auto journos say is true, so what? It’s your job as an individual to sort out the wheat from the chaff. And whatever garbage you read on an automotive topic, no matter how clueless it might be....

... it’s not bloody persecution against your ethnic background!
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