Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0

Just wait til I drive my front-engined Porsche over another front-engined Porsche, then unload it at Carmax. (600 posts, 1800 retweets)
But did you buy it with bumper to bumper warranty? Because then you can write 10 posts infuriated that the warranty doesn't cover flat tires.


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Should they pick me, I'd be the third FG member to write for them.
Best of luck! :D


UGH. Yes, drivers are inherently stupid, but surely you're not going to just ignore Toyota's shitty ECU coding (EX: a watchdog that wasn't really a watchdog....cause they fucked it up....really?) right?

Oh right, of course you are.

Jalopnik said:
In case you?ve forgotten, starting in the late 2000s Toyota was deluged with reports of ?runaway? vehicles. This led to lawsuits, federal investigations, recalls, frenzied and outright fraudulent news stories, and a black eye it took the automaker years to recover from.

Ultimately, the cause of these unintended acceleration incidents was deemed to be ?pedal misapplication??drivers hitting the gas instead of the brake?or in some cases, sticky floor mats. But reports of flaws in the cars? electronic control modules were never substantiated. (Toyota ended up spending billions to settle those lawsuits, on a criminal investigation, and on recalls anyway.)
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To be fair, the rest of the media pretty much ignored it too as it came out after the initial brouhaha had subsided.

I don't want to be fair because it *is* those fucks at Gawker, but I kind of have to be. :p
Yeah, well, screw you, too, buddies. Also, your mom! All of your moms.

The other issue I had with Jalopnik was how a lot of their reviews stopped being about the car and started being more about the press launch trip. I go there to read about the car, but instead get "BMW flew me out, put me up in a awesome hotel, fed me awesome food, showed me awesome things..... oh and I drove a car too." Fuck that shit.
LOLWUT? That's the boilerplate we have to admit on gaudy press junkets, but unless it's some kind of major experience-type trip (snow school, for example), everything I've read lately sticks to the car.

TBH, we need more junkets that have fewer frills and more track time.
(Stef excluded. I actually like her articles)
I Would. I should Add that I also read Stef as well.
Yup, it's dead now. MacDonald was the sole Lanesplitter full-timer. It was getting a ton of traffic and growing. And they let him go? Morons.

Tyler Rogoway built Foxtrot Alpha up the same way. Wrote professional, in-depth content while being as unbiased as possible. A real feat when you're reporting defense and international relations. They fuckin let him go too.

She's about the only person I've read who can make NASCAR sound interesting :lol:. Black Flag is pretty good.
Woo on that last one. Woo!

Yes, Sean left?and I, too, miss having regular motorcycle coverage (not to mention someone who was passionate about MotoGP and motocross). Since it's tacky as balls to chat about and speculate on about a former coworker's work situation?especially since I wasn't privy to all the details?I won't, but he's doing his thing at Cycle World now.

Tyler, however, left on his own for another job over with The Drive. Wasn't let go by our end. We were sad to see him leave!
Hey, neat, another article that totally misunderstood what's going on with our company. So far, Ziff Davis offered up an opening bid. It opens up for auction on the 15th, IIRC, so that's when we'll find out what's actually going to happen. If no one else wants us, it's ZD's. If someone outbids them, it's not. No one knows yet.

Hopefully, we're just kind of funded to keep doing what we're doing. I don't know what things were like before I was hired, but I've noticed things become a better-oiled machine since I've been there. I feel like we're doing some of our best work right now (with solid editorial feedback and review, to boot), and the regular company part is profitable. Don't bork a good thing!

Well, they seem to be looking for writers now and have little in the way of specifics...shall I have a go?
Yes! Do it.

Also, I still have gargantuan balls. Any questions?
Gawker felt like a tabloid and most of their editors and commenters had to much of that 'holier than thou' attitude. Every comments section felt like a competition for who is the most 'woke'.