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James May - 'musical degree'

It says on imdb that he studied music in Lancaster (whereever that is), but thats all I could find.
wow, after Hammond's gay fan club here comes Jame's!

ahaha, welcome mate! Very nice website
^wooohooo, another female :welcome:
It's a conservatory, which also happens to be a glass extension to British dining rooms, filled with toys or ...... whicker furniture :lol:

Thank you for the welcome mgkdk.
Oh, sorry! :oops:

Welcome to our 2nd known female member! :lol:

I'll give you a custom title so ppl know you're a female
We are taking over :evil:

or maybe not :D
Hi Welcome, ** goes back to the Post a Pic of yourself thread and presses F5 like a maniac**

Yes that was a HINT! 8)
^ :lol: :lol: :lol:
and he uses a mouse to play, because that gives him one free hand to do something else :lol:

Anyway it was on that last season eposide where they didn't have enough money and james played on that little panio thingy...


Another girl over here... a refugee from (mutters darkly) *elsewhere*.