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James May on BBC Radio three


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Dec 28, 2005
Norwich, UK
Ford Capri Laser 1.6 and a M reg pegeot 205 lol
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12.00-1.00pm BBC RADIO 3

Michael Berkeley?s passionate guest is Top Gear presenter James
May, who plays piano and flute, and studied music at university
before getting ? quite literally ? into fast cars.
His choices include music by Dunstable, Fran?ois Couperin, Bach,
Chopin, Britten and Messiaen. It?s all very unexpected for someone
BBC RADIO 3 Sunday 12 February

Seeing as most of you probably won't want to listen to that because of the music, I'll see if I can make up a transcript for it.

Next Sunday is gonna be one hell of a Top Gear fest...
Electrastar~Indochine said:
H?h?h? I think Evo 7 is after my title as James's Number 1!

I'm sorry :lol:

I was bored so started searching for random things on the internet.

I wonder if those are James' exact words about his collegues.