James May?s Toy Stories - Action Man

I finally watched this and I didn't initially set my hopes too high, but it was excellent. I actually think it was the most fun Toy Stories episode.

The tests were just hilarious, seeing Action Man blasted with supersonic air and torn apart, along with being shot up in a firework with his head coming to land in front of them had me in stitches. So did the rocket test that moved the entire rig. It was like watching an out-of-control episode of Mythbusters. :lol:

Also very pleased with the end result. :)

Glad I'm not the only one with the same thought.

I also think the same, that's not really in the spirit of what James and his crew are doing.
I think this special has what Top Gear is missing now; both James and Sim really seemed to enjoy making it.
Great googly moogly! I have never seen a Sindy doll, was it supposed to be so creepy looking?
Does anyone know who doing the various versions of "Gimme Shelter"? Sounds like there's at least 2.
BBC America is finally airing :james:The Motorcycle Diary at 9:00PM/8:00C and Action Man At The Speed Of Sound at 10:00PM/9:00C tonight Monday, December 21st. Unfortunately they've been edited down to fit in commercials in an hour long time slot.