James May: The Reassembler

Oh man those kinda toys were so much fun...

But speaking of toys, makes me miss toys stories. I guess I'm a May man.
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Just watched tonight's episode and realised that I have the same Hornby Flying Scotsman sitting in a display cabinet, something my dad bought for me used when I was a kid. Mine doesn't have the illuminated firebox or chuffing sound so is probably a later model but the numbers on mine are straight. The plastic isn't as shiny as vibrant in colour either, I could hit it with plastic polish but I wouldn't want to damage the decals.

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode as I always do with these, even if I fail to see what James could possibly do to make that last for 7 hours. :lol:

Looking forward to the next one next week. :)
It is on YouTube right now. Probably not for long though.
It's brilliant! Good fun that.

So after 2 episodes of Toy stories and this I'm quite sure James his Flying Scotsman is the most famous toy train in the world now, not just the model (they still sell them btw, I think still the same mold) but that one in particular :p
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I liked the show. I did get occasionally annoyed at how they always just point the camera at him tho. Even when he eventually does something on camera, sometimes they'll point the camera at him for 50% of the segment, then maybe finally point it at the train? Bit frustrating for someone who's interested in mechanics.
I really enjoyed that. Wish it would be 60 minutes. Why is it that James May, even though it sounds boring beforehand, can make something like this be entertaining? I like all the little details around the history of the british model trains that he explains throughout.

Also I am with ahpadt.

James May: The Reassembler - Series 2: 1. Christmas: Hornby Train Set

Much like Santa Claus, James May has spent the year in his workshop getting ready for Christmas, in a festive special in which he reassembles his favourite childhood Christmas present.
But this isn't just any Christmas present, this is the one that changed his life and sent him on to a path of mechanical intrigue and reassembly. This is the Hornby Flying Scotsman with realistic chuffing sounds which James ripped open on Christmas Day 1972.
Laid out in all its 138 tiny component parts, James lovingly reassembles the train as well as his memories of Christmases and toys past. From the exhilarating re-magnetising of the motor's magnets to some thrilling wheel-quartering amidst a backdrop of James's continued bafflement of electricity, we watch as James rebuilds the entire train set and hopes at the end his Christmas wish will come true and the train will start up and realistically chuff into the night.

Grab them off my FTP as they air :)
Thanks. I had forgotten about your FTP. now to remember how to do it. I will.
I really liked the monkey bike one.
It makes you feel like you're having a cup of tea with an old friend in his shack, as he does his usual thing, his hobby, while telling you about it.
Still enjoying these, maybe the food mixer was my least favourite but it was still good. I went back and watched the lawn mower episode after he mentioned the engine rebuild.
Apparently a book coming out as well, looking forward to reading it
I wonder if it takes as long to read the look as it does for him to reassemble something, probably not though because I think the bike was something like 12 hours. :lol: