James May's Big Trouble in Model Britain


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Jun 14, 2005
Ontario, Canada
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Model train enthusiast James May's new 2-part documentary series about financially troubled toymaker Hornby Hobbies, makers of, among other things, model trains.

Always happy to see another May solo project! I was never a model train enthusiast myself (even if I'd wanted to get into it, it always felt overwhelming), but I've always appreciated it. Also interesting to see what struggling companies do to try and keep things going.

Anyone else watching it?
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Not yet as this one managed to sneak under the radar but thanks for the "heads up".
Will make sure I catch this while it's available on demand, I've been hungry for more May shows for a while. Thanks!
Finally watching the second episode and I find it interesting/disturbing that this young woman's first assignment is to redesign a NASCAR slot car. Eww! ;) But she doesn't seem to mind.

Anyway, good series. I always find it interesting when once huge companies struggle to make it big again, or even just tread water. Reminds me of a documentary on Polaroid called "Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film."
I watched both episodes last week, just forgot that this thread was here. Very interesting, made me want to get in to model trains again but the last thing I need is yet another expensive hobby.