James May's Cars of the People: Music Identification Thread


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The discussion thread is getting a bit off-topic so use this thread instead please for music discussion.
As in the other thread: Also wondering the name of that jazzy number during the Mazda/kei car segment. I think it also played during the closing part of the segment.


Okay, it starts at 39:31, right when James says "I wonder what became of the Uchiyama Manufacturing Corporation's automotive division?" (camera moves down to show "Mazda")
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It strangely sounds like a slowed/trimmed down jazz version of 'Alberto Balsam' by Aphex Twin. Still no idea what it is though.
Episode 3 has just finished.

I watched this with the BBC subtitles ON.

They showed , for example, that the closing credits music was "Keep the Car Running" by the excellent Arcade Fire. :canadian:

So, if you want to decode the music, try watching a version with the original BBC subtitles on. However, I think they are a bit spotty and didn't seem to cover every little bit of music played throughout episode three.

Hope this helps a bit. :smile:
I was looking for some of the music played when he was driving the Countach around and when the 911 was against the little Peugot :p Especially one kind of fast paced one with a Guitar solo, definitely heard on some of Clarkson's own videos too! Cheers!
It's the Clash - Straight to Hell. I have a post in the moderation queue saying M.I.A. - Paper Planes. The MIA song samples the Clash song.
Please, could anyone tell me the song from Episode 3 starting from 23:56 until 24:24 when James sits in the chair? I always keep forgetting this song
80's songs

80's songs

What songs ?. What's the song in episode 3 from 19:47 until 20:18, from 28:35 until 29:12, from 28:12 until 38:34.
When James talking) When James testdrive's) And when James)
about Ford Sierra) the Lambo, the camera -) says ,,It look's like a gentle pornfilm.'')
XR and the vauxhall.) man vipes the camera.)

Can you help me ? Please.
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Episode 3 @ 23.56..."Close To Me" by The Cure. Also used as the theme to "The Smoking Room". :)
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Episode 3 @ 29.47..."Bad Days" by The Flaming Lips. Featured on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

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Episode 3 @ 39.32 ... "Word Up" by Cameo. And @ 39.57 ... "Swastika Eyes" by Primal Scream.
Hoping this thread will have the first post edited to be the same format as the regular TG: What's That Song? threads... I may have to rewatch to contribute. Anybody else get the feeling that the old music director for Top Gear from the first 10 or so seasons was brought back for this project?
In case anyone asks (because it's a great track), Episode 3's 41:51 - 43:17 is Long Line of Cars by Cake.
Episode 3: 28:40 sounds an awful lot like "Who's Johnny" for some unfathomable reason. And at 29:13 it's "Jump" by Van Halen

Hope that helps a little.
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