James May's Top Toys: an improved version


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Jun 1, 2006
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I went on the internet (specifically the latest thread about James May's Toy Stories) and I found this:

^They are called James May's Top Toys and My Sister's Top Toys. From memory, one of these two on the FTPs is a very bad quality dl and has a bit chopped out of it, which is sad. I can't find any other copies though (subtle plea for help :D)
I downloaded Top Toys not too long ago to watch in preparation. The video quality was pretty mediocre, to me. Don't know about My Sister's Top Toys, though.
My Sisters' Top Toys has always been fine; the original hasn't. It had a snowy, blurry picture and was missing the first two minutes or so.

Fear not, everyone, because I've fixed this. I've picked up a new version from thebox.bz which was ripped from the re-broadcast at the end of last year. The screen size is slightly smaller, as is the filesize, but the programme is complete and the video quality is fine.

So I checked the various FTPs and those that I could access didn't have any sign of it.

I tried to upload it to Icebone's FTP but then left the computer as I had dinner... so it went to sleep, the upload failed, and I can't re-upload without the original being deleted first, which I can't do. So, for now, I've put it on my own webspace. And because this is taking up a lot of space, if one of the FTP-running people could host it there, do go ahead and grab it.


Incidentally, if you're wondering why I started a new thread for this instead of digging up the old one:

I realize that. I only wish people wouldn't use worlds like Now and Tonight in headings. :)
...the original thread is called "James May: Top Toys on BBC2 tonight 8pm", and it's not on tonight. It's here instead.

Now enjoy once more the story of Meccano, Lego, Airfix, Action Man, Etch-A-Sketch, Dinky Toys, Scalextric, Top Trumps, Colditz, Super Flight Deck and train sets. Especially as a prequel to some of the stuff that the current series is detailing.


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It was all on my FTP, and there are threads on each show. :)

Actually, I'll put them on mine now as well.

(I'm putting it on Quikys FTP soon)
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