James' Solo TG Documentary


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Aug 18, 2010
Deepest Dorset
Myself and a couple of overseas TG fans were at Beaulieu on Tuesday doing what they thought would be their only TG experience of their trip when we were told that James was filming there that day. And indeed he was. A researcher told us that it was for James's solo TG documentary project (like Richard's Bond Car one) and that it would be shown in 2014. Don't know what the subject is exactly but they had a Model T set up for filming and when James arrived back at base he was driving a old Beetle. Beaulieu was pretty quiet and we were able to snatch 5 minutes or so with him which was brilliant for my friends. The sheer coincidence of the whole day was amazing! :D
Let's see... Model T, Beetle .. Maybe a docu about cars that changed lives. most popular cars at the time...
James May's Best Sellers?

Means he will have to drive at least one Toyota Corolla! :lol:
or sth about cheap cars made for the masses...

and then: "Good news, everyone! we'll be comparing them with the Dacia Sandero!" :lol: