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Jan-21 -FB Gold - GTRs/FOX [SR:8][FR:50laps]


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Oct 4, 2004





Qualify: 8minutes
Sprint race: 8 Laps
Feature race: 50 Laps

Choose wisely. ;)
hmm... this is going to be interesting... I can only drive FXR constantly... I'm so screwed :lol:
Have you guys practiced? I can't get lower than 1:22s :(.
I got a 1.16.48 hotlap, but I crashed about a million times in the process of getting it.
1:21 is my best. The setup i have sucks hard. Understeer to the moon. Managing to get most of it out through tweaking but it's far from ideal. The track really doesn't suit GTR's; narrow with high kerbs.
Huh... FOX is really hard here. It's fast, but it's sooo hard to be consistant. Doesn't forgive a slightest mistake, no time to react at all. Maybe there's a way to make it understeer slightly? Rear end snaps instantly when you turn steering wheel 1deg. over the grip limit.

I can go through chicane flatout in maybe every 3rd attempt. There's no way I'm gonna make it through on every lap in long race. Must lift... And lap times suffer. I wonder if other cars are easier to drive "as fast".
Yeah, those big and high curbs hit you hard in FOX. FZR-XRR is bit better, but FXR as always, slowest but easyest to controll.

Or not...because I flip it over a lot in last chicane or right hand corner before that :?
None of them are easy. The curbs hurt and the fast corners are blind. It will be damage control.
I am just going to put understeer into my car and hope for the best. I can find a rhythm to the track, but that first chicane is a doosy.

What about the last chicane before the finish? Does everyone go through it, or just beeline and hope for the best?
Actually i've never spun or got majorly out of shape in the first or last chicane, and i've been pounding it pretty hard.

Unless you guys are talking about in the FOX, i'm talking about a GTR
GraemeH said:
Actually i've never spun or got majorly out of shape in the first or last chicane, and i've been pounding it pretty hard.

Unless you guys are talking about in the FOX, i'm talking about a GTR
The GTRs don't seem to have that much of a problem with the chicanes, it's mainly the FOX.
FOX 1:16.720
49th on lfsworld... <_<

Those people there up on the list, and apparently there are a lot of them, are mad!!! :?
Looks like I'm not racing this weekend. Every car understeers to hell and back. Can't finish 5 laps before crashing. I'm just getting frustrated. Don't think I'll join unless I get miracle powers that let me finish a lap in 1:16. Doubtful..........
:censored: crap cars, I can't finish one lap without crashing <_<
Mischief I don't think 1:16s racing times are very realistic, at least not at this point, most of us seem to be struggling to get that time with a WR setup on an empty track. Enudrance setup and traffic surely wont make 1:16times possibles.

Did you try every car? If you are very unstable, why don't you just give it a go with the FXR, 4wd should be pretty stable.

Just don't give up. ;)

Mgkdk how are things with the wheel purchase, did you find anything for a reasonable price?
^ Found a cheaper logitech but I'm not sure it's good enough, but it's with a 2 year waranty so :dunno:
2 years warranty is good. Though here they didnt really want to acknowledge that my wheel is shaking all over the place and that the pedals are f*cked, but well, this was just some stupid local shop owner that was giving me headache, so I'm fixing the wheel myself (and actually getting tired of doing that on a regular basis)... :censored:

Which logitech did you look at?
Formula vibration feedback wheel, I think it was called.
This is in a big store thingy so they are really good at keeping the warranty.