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Jan-28 -FB Green - RAC/FZ50/LX6 [SR:8][FR:60laps]


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Oct 4, 2004

FZ50: 1:15.58
RAC: 1:14.48
LX6: 1:14.71


Sprint Race: 8
Feature Race: 60

Practice, choose wisely, and see you hopefully (in case my laptop is repaired in time) next week. :)
Maybe this will help. I was thinking the following way:


Jan-28 -FB Green:
LX6-> 1:14.71 (you don't wanna take this here, it's clearly the faster on the other 2 tracks)
RAC-> 1:14.48 ;)
FZ50-> 1:15.58 (too slow here)

Mar-25-BW Rally Reverse:
LX6-> 1:04.33 (either this or fz, since you picked RAC in 1st race, however LX has bigger advantage on AS)
RAC -> 1:04.48 (not an option any more)
FZ50 ->1:04.75 (barely any difference, only .4s slower than LX)

May-06-AS Club Reverse:
LX6-> 1:09.07 :)
RAC -> 1:10.20
FZ50 -> 1:09.65
All I said was that it was difficult, I didn't say I didn't have an idea. :)
FYI, I wouldn't always rely on world record times. ;)
There are other factors to consider, like tire wear, fuel economy, and how prone the track is to crashes.
However I was thinking along the lines you are thinking (but not because of the WR times).
Yeah I know that, however lately because of my hardware issues and not being able to test, I'm sort of relying on that. Same goes for this week. Laptop will be in for repair, so no testing. :cry: I just hope it will be back in time for the race, I'll use TNT so that they'll get it on the same day as I send it. I'll also send an email cos it's the 3rd f*cking time this thing brakes, and it was in already once for the exact same problem. So I'll demand at least quick fixing time, and hope they'll be ready in time, otherwise I'll kick some ass. :censored:
You can stay away pdanev. I need a good finish after this weekend :(.
mischief... for the record, I'm back this week (so you'll have a competitor again :p)... about 90% certain :D. I'm finally going back to AUS on friday, so no more because I was too tired on holiday excuse, plus it seems I'm missing out on alot of fun, the LFS section seems to get pretty bust these days... get there on sat morning. And AFAIK, FB Green is pretty short so it'll be quick to learn :D.
Watch the video andy, watch the video. Second one is waiting to be approved currently. Should be up today ;).
I just did a two hour practice session and boy are those cars hard to control. I managed to get a 1:21 with the LX6 but that was hard work. I think this will be my first LFS race where my arms hurt afterwards.
:shock: I did 3x10 lap's with RAC...~1:28 was best lap :S I did at least one spin in every lap. Deem, I hate those car's :thumbsdown: Well...okey, I'm to noob for those car's. Hard race anyway :cry:
Very good track & car combo. Should be much more fun all round than race 2 :)

Going back to road tyres from slicked GTR's is like driving an ice skate though.
I think the RAC is the best suited for this track.

1:27 is my best...