January 6th commission hearings

They should have dropped the hammer.

Doesn't deserve anymore time!
He said that he wanted to testify, but then he did this.

Really, I expected nothing less.
Trump ignored the subpoena and didn't show up
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Looks like he ran out the clock.

If the Dems lose the House they might transfer the J6C to the Senate
"The Congress has no right to my testimony," Pence said. "We have a separation of powers under the Constitution of the United States, and I believe it sets a terrible precedent for the Congress to summon a vice president of the United States to speak about deliberations that took place at the White House."
Which gives oversight of the Executive branch to Congress... The Republican party has lost its mind it's not just Trump.
Isn't there always a crime/fraud exception, or when they are doing a book tour....
DOJ say they want a chat with Pence 🍿
This is yuge!

This is yuge!

Verdicts are a bit of a mixed bag

Kellyanne Conway sits for 5-hour interview with January 6 committee​

Tony Ornato next...