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Jason + Gumball?


Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
Stole from the Gumball forum:

There are a few veteran gumballers that are joining up with you all for the Monaco weekend.

Myself ? Robin Johnson ? Gallardo last year
Sanjay Dhia ? 645i Cab last year
Andrew Lazer ? 911 last year

Together with Rob Huff (World Touring Cars) and Jason Plato (British Touring Cars)

We may be available to drive cars back to the UK for you????

Not 100% sure yet, really just an idea but if you?ve had enough of driving when you get to Monaco ? for the cost of Petrol and a ferry crossing ? you could have your car back safely in the UK before you can say ? ?I had a threeway with Daryl Hannah and Caprice on the Gumball?

Let me know ? sooner rather than later.

All the very best - safe driving.
Why not. I know that if I was in his position and could join it, I would...
I think everyone here would :)
Will be intresting to see if it developes into a fifth gear show :)
Well that says he'll be joining them for the ending party in Monaco, but he's not IN the Gumball
Renesis said:
Well that says he'll be joining them for the ending party in Monaco, but he's not IN the Gumball

Thinking about it, and reading it properly :blush: , it would be impossible. He is currently running in WTCC, so he would have to miss some races for that.
hey ren, how bout putting this in the right section? ;)
Phix said:
Isn't Gumball illegal? Wouldn't there be so much police coverage and speed traps during this?

gumball in itself is not illegal, since officially its not a race, there is no prize or observation of who comes first or second. however, what most gumballers do (speeding etc) is not that legal :p
Gumball isn't actually illegal because on their site, they say Gumball isn't a race, it is a rally where cars cruise 3000miles and you are to obey all laws given by the traffic police... obviously, everyone knows no one gives a shit about speedlimits while on gumball ;)
the police are bastards - why can't they just leave them alone - they aren't harming anyone but themselves - they're professional enthusiasts!
err.. because it may be dangerous, maybe?

I don't care if you drive fast, but if you put the lives or the safety of others in danger (in casu when you are driving at 150 mph on a public road), they should catch you. After all, those people are playing with the safety of others. A small mistake at 150 mph is lethal. And don't give crap about them being professionals, a mistake is easily made.

By the way, if someone runs over your child and flees, wouldn't you like the police helping you out?