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Jay Kay's Enzo

Yep its black.
He mentioned the song in the FG Ep when they visit him. I believe, he even plays the song to them...

definitely black. i think i remember reading that some cheeky prick actually keyed it... in italy of all places. you'd think that they'd be used to seeing domestic dreamcars, and not only that, but that motoring passion is part of their national identity.
Yeah, alot less edgy, I like it better than the Fiorano Red. :)
there's almost no ferrari i like but the enzo in black :shock: :thumbsup: it actually has something of a "devil's car"
^^ Well, I believe it doesn't have to black for that...

nah, if I have an enzo behind me flashing his lights, I slow down to piss him off! :lol: :lol:
Cruzz563 said:
Yeah, alot less edgy, I like it better than the Fiorano Red. :)

Somehow I would only buy a 430 in red... 430 spider has to be black, a 612 blue and the 575 silver... IMO...

^Definately, the curvier Ferraris look better in red 8)

Check the FG episode list or use the search function cause I don't know either