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Jay Leno Reviews the C6

As it says at the bottom of the article... JC is away...

They have had guest columnist in the past.

I always wonder why... If an American car is so good, why don't they sell it in Europe, rather than going streight for the UK market ?

Europe drives on the same side as the US, but you never see the cars here...

Wierd :?
Jay Leno said:
I wanted something shiny rather than something green in return so I said: ?Oh, that Corvette over there looks pretty good.?
Jay Leno said:
I fell in love with that C5, so after that the C6 feels quite familiar. It?s a bit like going out with your girlfriend?s twin sister.
Jay Leno said:
Sometimes the cashier at the mini-market is sexier than a supermodel.
Leno rocks. Sure, he may not be an awesome columnist, but he's a awesome guy and is a true car buff.

And :eek: at:

Having said that, as much as I like this one, I?ll wait for the new Z06 when it comes out later this year. The Z06 has 500bhp, plus it?s an aluminium chassis, not steel. From what I hear I believe it?s faster and will handle better than the new Ferrari F430.