JC on the Alfa Romeo Brera Coup? V6

Well you've made an excellent point there kaBOOMn, the point being; trying to argue, or even hint at the idea of changing someones mind about something on the internet is a waste of time.

You can all think whatever you want, it doesn't matter. I'm done. The car is nice, I don't agree with JC on spreading around the idea that man's contribution to global warming is a myth and I think people in general are idiots.

We aren't doomed or anything, just damned.

buh bye
When we run out of petroleum fuel the global warming will stop, or we would've already found a way to deal with it. All these global warming talks are politicians trying to gain a few votes and tax the fuel.
Stop? Just like that? The lack of petrol will only change the whole thing by a couple percents.
Better to kill all the cows, and then the warming would even reverse. :p
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^^^You are actually making a point there....cows contribute to a lot of Global Warming
Hydrogen and ethanol lightweight cars - nuclear and wind power grids - recycling - electrically efficient households - industrial emissions taxing - controlled 3rd world development - US signing Kyoto summit - problem solved.

I know nothing about enviornmental science. I studied International relations, but nothing enviornmental, and I'm a law student - having nothing to do with enviornmental law. Frankly I have no expertise whatsoever and I only read half of geophysics' rant. This is my two cents. I'm confident it will happen and it will work, just ever so slighltly late that there is a liveable tad of permanent damage.

Minimize impact till we can teraform Mars.

I just came for the Brera. But truth be told i disagree w/ TG, I perfer the look of the Alfa 8c
Uh oh, I was so mad yesterday. A workmate of mine came into the office to ask another workmate when they would go today. They need to make a 1000 km (625 miles) travel to a customer through Germany and back. Casually, he said he just got off the phone with the car rental, and they said - I quote:"Oh, we just have a Brera left.". He agreed to the choice, not even knowing what vehicle he had been offered (cause he knows nothing abot cars). Only after the call, he looked the car up on the internet and was "positively surprised" ... lucky bastards! :cry:

Anyway, I seriously doubt it will be the V6, and they said it's no diesel, so it should be the 2.2l.
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Kill him, go yourself.

If he knows anything about cars, a 1000km drive through germany in an Alfa should be fun.
Okay, now I'm officially pissed: it's the 3.2 V6 ... with skyview ... in black ...

... and they get a 1000 km drive in it for free, they even get paid for it.
i'm moving to germany. what job do i have to apply for to do what you just said?
can't wait for reply must pack.