Jeremy Clarkson, it's a tragedy I know

Good find, that. It's the kind of thing Victor Lewis-Smith used to do. I'm sure there was a bit on TV Offal once where he segued a load of clips of Carol Vorderman together and had her announcing: "Hello, and welcome to another irritating Carol Vorderman programme" - or words to that effect.

I've got TV Offal stashed away somewhere, I'll have to have a look. Also contains Jeremy Clarkson's "honest obituary" which I had to explain as my first post here...
Awesome!! Thoroughly enjoyed that! Well found.
because my head had come off

lmao excellent!
Awesome stuff. Is there like a Jeremy Clarkson soundboard?

I haven't done crank calls since Kerpal's time, but if there was one for Jezza it would be fun times.
Very pleased it's met with approval :p It seems that Cassetteboy do some funny stuff like this.
I filled Graham Nortons head with my... :lol:
haha nice
Made me lol
Just what I needed.. a laugh among all my work.

Very nice.