Jeremy Clarkson was here in Oslo! *huge spoiler alert*

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May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon

(note: they wrote "SLK" instead of "SLR", on the map when they named the car ...)

Headline reads: "Raced from London to Oslo"

text reads (roughly translated):
"This is a lovely car. I have heard some hotelchain owner owns one of these here in Oslo.
I have raced vs. public transportation, and won! In 24 hrs., I have driven alomost 1300 miles, ca. 2100 kilometers.
Everyone knows public transportation sucks, and I want to prove this with our "competitions" in Top Gear."

(While Clarkson took his SLR from Heathrow through the chunnel to France, via Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway - his competitors took a flight to Newcastle to Kristiansand (Norway), and in Kristiandsand they hired a speedboat, but was still beaten by Clarkson.)

Clarkson laughs: "they went out of gas two hrs. outside of Oslo, now they are stranded in a small town without buses and taxis, and money" :lol:

He continues: "I'm going home now, and have been in Norway for two hrs. I can't smoke anywhere around here, so I might as well go home.

Interviewer: "Are you meeting up with the hotel-owner?"
Clarkson: "I don't have any such plans, he probably won't let me smoke in his hotels anyways" ... :lol:

Not something I wanted to know :( :thumbsdown:
yaeh aftr doing it twice before he probably knew before he even started he would beat em :D
Ah, well, some mod should edit the spoiler alarm in... Even though it was crystal clear he would win...

I really thought, this time its an M5 or M6 for their competition... After all, the SLR is a 2003 car, not 2005...


//edit: I wasn't aware he is a smoker...
Great...a spoiler. You should be careful next time.
geez guys ...

spoiler added to title ....

at least we know this would be happening and there would be something interesting to watch.... but haz, a little heads up would be nice, maybe you should edit it in haz.. thx anyways :thumbsup:
andyhui01 said:
but haz, a little heads up would be nice, maybe you should edit it in haz.. thx anyways :thumbsup:

heads up added already ....

and you're welcome :D

Jostyrostelli said:
Good thing I didn't have time to read the text :lol:

It's still a surprise to me :D

it basically reads that Clarkson thinks he is impotent ... :p

sry guys ... I thought the Spoiler warning was enough :bangin:

who acres about the if clarkson wouldnt win...if he lost there would be a coverup to rival roswell.

this makes me vary these segments are my very favorite...and they went to my fatherland! although it sounds like clarkson wasnt too impressed..maybe a few leggy blondes holding the checkerd flags would have changed his mind!
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