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Jeremy Clarkson's Articles

Thanks Daniel

Mind telling us which articles you updated in here so we can keep track/download the latest articles when they come out instead of doing 130pages every week :p

Very good read thanks for the work
"Model: Areil Atom 2 (220bhp)
Engine type: Four-cylinder, 1998ccV12, 5935cc"

if that thing had a v12 5.9L, well JC would be dead :lol:
Thanks for all the work Daniel!
verry nice doc THANKS 8)
excellent work

however if one types "clarkson" in the search box, a list of further articles can be seen - like the recent one on Sharks...

So what we see here on the website are car reviews - not ALL JC articles.

Articles are kept only 7 days on the search engine. After that you have to pay 10p to access it.


The date from the document is still 20.12.2004. I'm not complaining, just making some CPR. And taking the opportunity to thank you.
TechZ said:
Way cool Daniel. Dont forget to let us know when it is updated.
Im assuming the newer articles will be added from the start of the document?

Thanks for doing this :thumbsup:

Now I need to find a way to print 130 pages ....

You just need a friend that works in a copy shop. Mine is really generous. "Which paper do you want? Come on let me give you something better. Nah, don't have to pay, see you!"

But I only use it for university things... :thumbsup: