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jeremy's driving ban!

sl55 amg

Jan 7, 2005
in an article in the sun newspaper today it appears jeremy won't be able to drive for 2 months! here's the article:

top gear host jeremy clarkson has been banned from driving by his doctor. the top gear presenter has slipped a disc and must keep out of cars for 2 months to avoid making the injury worse. his wife francine said "it's hust ware and tear really - years of driving fast cars and flying upside down in aeroplanes". jeremy has filmed all the driving clips for BBC2's current top gear series and can continue to do studio work.
He is going to die... THE biggest car nut on the planet and he can't drive a car...

crap... this is going to be bad, could it be because of spending 24hrs in a SLR and sleeping upright... hehe
That doesn't sound good, hope he'll be alright.
Slipped a disc?

Pardon me but whats that? ;)
i saw him being interviewed on live8 by jonathon ross and he looked in a lot of pain!
its something to do with your vetebre (aka. back bone)... my mom had a minor slip-disc about 2years back, not very good... you can't do alot of things
Wow, that's not good. Hope he's going to be better soon. Is it because of his age or really because he drives cars alot?
Is he going to get bullied by James and the hamster or what?

He won't be able to sit in the chair on the stage :lol:
A slip-disc can come from anything... in my moms case, it was from golf... but I guess driving sports cars and driving it everyday and getting in and out of it alot will make his already screwed up back-bone worse... and maybe it came from the stress from the Ford GT :lol:
man jeremey is in deep trouble. How will he move around? he can't drive and the london public transport will be off for some time now...

Hope he gets well soon.
He will probably start to play GT4 or something...

Buba said:
He will probably start to play GT4 or something...


His first words would probably be something to the effect of, "HOW do you turn off this damned traction control!!!!!"

SSJ3 Goten said:
2 Months...
He will be back driving just in time for the Top Gear Charity Karting :)

Don't think he'll do it. It's pretty aggressive on your back.