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Jeson Button Challenge Times?


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Jul 22, 2004
Watched the Challenge but forgot to record :( Does anyone know the 1/4 mile times for the F1 car and the bike? Also what kind of bike was it? A buddy of mine is a big bike fan and can't believe a good bike could be tooled by a car!!
Honda (I believe 1000CC) totally custom built bike. Did about 10 seconds. And tell your buddy to get his head on straight (no offense), but a 900HP F1 car vs. 200HP bike!? The bike couldn't keep it's front wheel on the ground if a train were on it. You can't accelerate when you're on one wheel.....well, you can, until you fall off...then you decelerate rapidly while sustaining massive pain.
^ I was laughing at the beginning of that Fifth Gear when they were acting like the race between the bike, boat and car was actually going to be a competition. I didn't even really need to watch the rest of the episode - of course the car was going to win!

I also thought it was pretty funny that they were acting like that 200HP boat was actually fast. At the lake near where I live it's not uncommon to see tiny 2-seater boats with 502's in them. :D
Sorry to DRAG up an old thread :D but i just watched this episode.... i cant believe they even bothered with the boat! And was there ever any doubt the F1 would win??

And whats the point of giving the boat a flying start anyway? The whole point of a drag race is to test acceleration as well as top speed!

I totally agree with you guys, for a story that took up almost half an episode it was incredibly lame.

Fifth Gear should leave this stuff to the experts on the other channel ;)