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July Exercise No.2 Results


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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
First of All I would like to thank all the contestant who entered and all the voters. And I would like to apologise for the late closure of This months contest...I shall follow the rules.. :D

This is the pic which had to be edited :

And these were the entries...

Entry 1 = wceend23 [FG]

Entry 2 = ATsucks [FG]

Entry 3 = Boxster17 [DS]

Entry 4 = tranceshakeel [FG]

Entry 5 = raheel_qamar [FG]

Entry 6 = mancs [FG]

Entry 7 = pdanev [FG[

Again thanks to the voters...Here are the results...

In 3rd position with 13 points is Boxster17 [DS]

In 2nd position with 26 points is mancs [FG].
Entry 6 = mancs [FG]

And the winner with 35 well earned points is ATsucks [FG]

I would like to congradulate all the contestants and hope that all do better at the next competition...

Full Results can be viewed Here

The points table will be updated and it can be viewed....
congrats to ATsucks.....and all the other contestants...

something intresting....I come in top 4 in one then last, then 3rd and then last....how cool...
Woohoo I am Last !!
Thank you, Thank You very Much ! :woot: :clap:

I mean even the whale dude beat me ! :lol:
Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Let me add my congratulations to all contestants for taking part and thanks to everyone who voted and to Raheel for the moderating. Being a Volvo enthusiast, it was a pleasure to be able to edit one in an exercise.

I have narrowed my choice down to a selection of 2 cars. It was somewhat difficult finding something with a "clear" background and in the requested size of a MASSIVE 1600x1200 but I've found some images that should make the next round interesting! I will check with Raheel about my selection and then pick one asap

Thanks again and good luck in the next round!
I think the entries were pretty good this time around. Good work all, and good work ATsucks. :thumbsup:
I have decided on an image but have yet to hear back from Raheel if its good or not, hopefully he'll be posting it here shortly, otherwise is it cool if I just go ahead an post a new thread?