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Just a few snaps of a friends car


May 30, 2004
Opel Vectra A
my friends beat up old '78 Opel Kadett 1.2s

we got bored and drove around takin pics of it

these pics are resized and linked to the originals (650-1000kb hosted on my dsl)

My camera is a Olympus C-4000 Zoom
Looks like a Datsun 510 from the rear.

Nice old car! what kind of engine does it have?
Renesis said:
Nice old car! what kind of engine does it have?

a 1.2liter 4 cylinder OHV engine with a 2 barrel carburettor. 60bhp when it was new. the 1.2 liter is a bit short of 70 cubic inches as far as i can figure.
Kinda looks like a 2002... I've always loved those small sporty cars of that style from the 70's...
Re: Just a few snaps of a friends car

I knew absolutely nothing about Opel Kadetts until you started posting on this forum. Now I've totally fallen in love with the car! :D

I absolutley love BMW 2002s and Datsun 510s, so this car fits perfectly within my small car fetish. The flat satin black paint job looks amazing too. Great car! :mrgreen:
that's one awesome car!! is it RWD?
Beach?!?! Ah, bad!!!!
Nice way to fuck up the bearings and stuff...
so you prefer doing it on tarmac? :)

oh well.. my body's kadett only cost him about 1,000$ US, so fuck the bearings..

besides.. we're both mechanics so fixing it is not a big problem.