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Just for old times sake.

Just for old times sake.

  • Subaru WRX STi

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  • Honda S2000

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  • Mazda Miata

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  • Mercedes C350

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  • Mini Cooper S Works John Cooper Works Performance Pack.

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  • Nissan 350Z

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  • Mazda RX-8

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  • Ford Mustang GT

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  • Infiniti G35

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  • Pontiac GTO

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  • Audi A3

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  • Audi A4

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May 2, 2005
Spokane, Wa
1975 Volkswagen Superbeetle
well I'm back and so are my pretty much weekly surveys.... now i've asked you about classic sports cars, 80 grand GT cars and a variety of supercars....

but now we'll lower the price tags a little to say, 30 grand (us) or so.....

so what I want to know... is Given the Choice, which of these thirty thousand dollar (about) cars would you choose.

and PLEASE don't question which cars I have or haven't put on the survey...
pfffft no M3...

I voted for the Subaru then. Probably the 2nd fastest car of them all.
just wondering where the 3-series and CTS are, however i'd take either the Acura TL or the Lexus ES350.
But out of this group, the G35 for overall goodness.
Given the choices, a S2000.
A high revving engine in a FR roadster: you can?t go wrong!
But where are the BMW?s?
Oh God, I've just fainted from yet another of VWKafer's utterly impossible polls. Again.

I voted for the GTO. In addition to wanting my inner redneck shine (there, the token redneck joke, sigh), it's fast, it's rare, it's comfortable, and it nearly killed Jeremy Clarkson. Gotta love it. 8)

Though the G35 would have been 2nd. What a great, classy, fast, sleek car.
I took the 350Z, gorgeous looks, track focus, RWD, and a very easily tunable engine.
S2000 was tempting but it's a no go for our weather, I chose the obvious...

I'd go with the MINI. :)

Small hatchback with some decent power and good handling: my kind of car. :thumbsup:
shit, there was a 325i but I forgot to push the button that put it in, because it was last, but oh well, deal with it!!!!!!!
precisely my point, try not to contradict me....

and the mini is the grossly over-powered one with the 240bhp new jcwhpc or whatever...

and the c350 has been stiffened up, given a proper gearbox and nice engine... and costs thirty grand.... so there.
But if you want us to vote on our favourite sport coupe, don't give us saloons and hatchbacks, give us sport coupes. :p Again, saloons, even "sporty" ones aren't all that cool. Even at the same price point, an Audi A3 isn't nearly as cool as the Nissan 350Z.
cars. not coupes...

I haven't done this in a few months... and I wanted a variety... just to mix things up.
A4 is the most acceptable, especially the interior(why change perfection) and new navi. G35 is the epitome of a botched plastic surgery.
flyingfridge said:
I took the 350Z, gorgeous looks, track focus, RWD, and a very easily tunable engine.
I won't agree on the 'gorgeous' looks but I will on everything else :)

Its front engine, rear wheel drive, manual shift and engine packs plenty of punch...its a proper sports car IMO.
That's easy: the Subaru
STI, it's my realistic dream car. <3