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just got my results


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Jun 16, 2004
Melbourne, Australia (originally from London, UK)
i just failed a subject, so i gotta repeat.


1st time i failed anything so im feeling pretty gutted...
its times like this that i wish i drank, so i can go out and get pissed... oh well, maybe i can drown my sorrows with a couple of cans of coke or something.

Don't feel bad, you can try again and hopefully you'll do better. what exam was this?
Man, one advice: Chill out...

I had huge problems when I started to study, especially in Chemistry.. I never had it in school and I had personal problems... So I had to do my organic chemistry test 5 times until I passed it... Even though I was learning like hell for #3 and #4... Consider it bad luck... And don't forget:

*sing* Always look on the bright side of life, da dum, da dum... *sing*

Hehe... I repeated my second class in high school. Well I know what you feel :thumbsdown:
haha, thanks guys.... cheered me up a bit

theres no point contesting it. i know i failed, i knew it as soon as i saw the paper so i wasnt suprised, just disappointed.

it was a law exam (corporation law) im doing an accounting course and i need to do this subject if i wanna do CA or CPA.

i know where i went wrong, i just didnt practise enough. it was open book and i foolishly thought i could get away with a pass if i did the bare minimum of preparation and use the book in the exam.
Well you learned something then. That exam might be a pain now but might do you good preparing for some other one down the road.

At least you are not trying to blame someone else for your misfortune. :thumbsup:
But I feel for you, really. Repeating a class is a pain in the b***.
:bangin: :mouse: :driving:
If it makes you feel better I failed my physical chemestry exam.
i feel for ya.. study like a horny nerd next time, the only thing you can learn from failing an exam like this is, never underestimate anything.. thats what i did for a semester once.. and.. well lets just say i failed alot of stuff :p
you just ruined your life, kill yourself.

Nah really, just get over it and try to do better next time, it's not such a big deal although I'd be pissed if I did fail sth..