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Just like to say.

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Jan 24, 2006
Edinburgh, Scotland
Jaguar X-Type 2.5 AWD, Peugeot 206cc allure
I have just came accross this site and new with rading a few topics it was worth registering for straight away as a huge car fan it is such a relief to find a great sight that ain't filled with total B.S. jus trying to get you to sign up to some rubbis pay package or give Biast veiws on what you should be watching, I have jus read the songs in Top Gear Topic and was So pleased that this was there, Because as i'm sure that s why it was there this is a regularly used topic amongs friends, What songs were in the broadcast as they were an excellent choice...

Hope i read many more topics like this and i am glad to have found the site, Keep up the good work. :D

Lawrence R.
Ok unfortunetly sight not as fun already, as some members forget that some people have not posted on none U.K. sights before.

And i am sure i would of realised this i ONE member had Personal messaged me. To say this.

And in reference to the 267 threats (random number) the threads were just to mention some topics that i am interested in. Didn't realise this more of a boys club than a public forum.
Just relax. We're just messing with you.

We have probably nothing else to do right now...But if I fail my exam tomorrow, I will hold YOU responsible for catching my attention (and drawing it away from my books) with that massive amount of posts in the 15 first minutes you were registered :p.

If you try to take care of that horrible spelling, everything will be fine ;-)
Well thanks i guess. I will i just wanted to share some subjests i have posted on Edinburgh car sites. lol

I appologise for spelling, just was not concentrating. not 15 though surely was it ?
Ok maybe a few to many just now. jus wanted to put my bit in cause this first site i found with topics i enjoy.

And welcome btw...
We're a bit sensitive about Grammar and spelling around here, since 50 cents asian brotherwas posting all the time ;-)

Buba said:
And welcome btw...
We're a bit sensitive about Grammar and spelling around here, since 50 cents asian brotherwas posting all the time ;-)

Hehe true that.

Anyway, worst "hello" thread ever :lol:

Enjoy your stay :)
You don't know how much of a dillema it was to know what kind of answer I'd give you.. :lol:

but your own reaction was funny, so I'll just give you a warm welcome!

SiR_dude said:
LozRiva said:
I get it now guys sorry. And look forward more decusion on the subjects at hand.


A) First sentence missing comma
B) I's "discussion"

C) Welcome :lol:

A) first sentence IS missing A comma .

ok, enough with the ant fucking (it's a dutch expression!)
Ant fucking? :lmao:
Yes. suppose there could of been a worse welcome, Like turning up to my door with pitch forks might of been slightly worse...
Viper007Bond said:
Ant fucking? :lmao:

yeah, it's used when someone is making a problem about sth which isn't even worth mentioning
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