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justin syder something for you.


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Jan 24, 2004
I made this Avatar for you if you want, or you can add it to your sig.

I haven't seen 9/11, i'm for Bush so i probebly won't like it.

I saw it but did what most won't do and I also saw Farenhype 9-11. I got both sides of the argument and made a opinion on what I saw.

As for the avatar, I think 4 pics is enough for my sig. It is not a good avatar IMO, as it tries to make Bush seem like some silly dummy. :roll:

People that would say that would be lying if they never did immature things in their life.
Never noticed it here. I'd like to see it too. :)
I saw Farenheit 9-11 no less than two months or less ago and I remember it being there.
ha, Justin was wrong again

call me out on a mistake like this but Im sure there is no mistake in the 50lies i posted on moores movie. :wink: