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Ketchup Mystery


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Sep 25, 2004
Stavanger - Norway

I know it is in Norwegian, but I guess u can understand the headline.
It's about a swedish family who found a penis in a ketchup of a Turkish brand. The father and the two kids had some of it aswell, befor finding the penis. They thought something was wrong when they saw some foreskin.

Im sorry but I couldnt help going like this:

:shock: :eek: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
Hey I find male genitals in my food everyday, I thought it was normal?...
I'd rather have mine in my pants than in my ketchup bottle, thank you.

Funny Ren. :thumbsup:

In America, as you all know, in this situation we would sue. We "are a suing bunch" as Clarkson tolled Lionel Richie. ;)
ok big deal, you didnt ask a guy on some thread to sell you his RX-9.

hypocrite :mrgreen:
zenon said:
I :love: my Spellbound Firefox extension.

Do you seriously use that for every post? If you do, it doesn't work as it should. :p

Anyway, if we all started pointing out spelling mistakes in here, I don't think there'd be much time left for car talk. :lol:
poor guy - under so much pressure - lol

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Can't say no to a hug! Some quick research has revealed the following:

Music thread, page three:

"I can definetly see your point here."
"... but I'd definetly say it is a major weakness. "

--> definitely

New form of HIV thread:

"Really, I think you should wait for a more complete scientific explination of this before spouting off some dogmatic explination."

--> explanation

And an innocent typo from the emotiondrive.de thread:

"...but I'm obvsiouly more disconnected from the reality of Nazism in relation to modern Germany."

I'll stop now before I get too annoying. :blush:
^ Hahahaha, yes, I'm not perfect. But I do have an explanation though. If you were a mod and could check the IP on those posts, you would probably find that all of my posts with spelling mistakes come from computers in my school's library or my brother's computer - both of which don't have the Spellbound extension.

I do use it on every post I make from my own computer just out of habit. I do it to all of my e-mails as well. But really, it only takes a split second and it guarantees people won't misread or not understand anything I post.

(I can't believe you actually went through my post history looking for spelling mistakes. :lol:)