Kid in the background caught on vid-NOT WORK SAFE! (BOOBIES)


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Jan 24, 2004
hahahahahahahahhahaha thats just nasty LOL

what kind of person brings their little kid to that LOLOL he should know he wont know what to do with you know what
oh shit!! :shock: LOL :lol: :lol:

who the hell brings a kid there BUT he seemed to be enjoying it. if you take a look, his hands are doing something to his crotch, looks...suspicious, lol.
i didn't say i wouldn't do that im just saying hes a bit too young to even want to do that. i dont know, he just looks to young to know that feels good but the vid shows different as he seems to like it.

maybe hes a short 12 or 13 yr old kid.
What are you gonna say next justin? That he's going to hell 'cause he looked at boobs or something? :lol:

While it was probably unresponsible to have a kid there, but really, who cares? They're just boobs.
While it was probably unresponsible to have a kid there, but really, who cares? They're just boobs.

I enjoyed the vid but all i was saying was he was too young to be there. Anyone that thinks it was fine for him to see that shouldnt have kids. Just neuter yourself now. :wink:
^ That's the 'American way' though - be absolutely repressed when it comes to sex, but hell, if your 10 year old kid wants to watch some uber-violent movie with limbs flying everywhere, by all means, let him watch it. :roll: :lol:

If you're making a movie in the states and you have an explicit sex scene, expect to get an NC-17 rating (which in effect will destroy the movies chances at being successful). However, you can have almost all the gore\death\destruction you want, and the ratings committees would never even consider an NC-17 rating. :?

It might just be me, but that is absolutely ass-backwards.
your right i was wrong, for his 10th b-day how bout a trip to the strip club. :roll:

its just tits right?

sure there are more than one to raise a kid but i say that he's too young to be there and you guys make me out to be a prude or authoritarian type parent.

it would have been easier to let the kid see the tits but then again being a parent means setting limits and letting a pre-teen see breasts is not appropriate. if you are gonna make excuses or justify it then you would have a hard time setting limits for your own child.
The same goes for being allowed to drive when you're 16 and not being allowed to drink until you're 21. Come on, what's more dangerous for you and others, i.e. for what is a sense of responsibility needed?

The Americans act so prude sometimes but at the same time they have the biggest porn industry in the world!? :wink:

In Germany you can show boobs on TV whenever you like, no matter if it's 12am or 12 pm. :p
You can also say fuck, ass, whatever on television and we still don't become sick, raping psychos...

justin syder said:
letting a pre-teen see breasts is not appropriate.
Not sure I entirely disagree with you, but explain why this is not appropriate.
Kids will see porn/nudity if you like it as a parent or not..but if it's a good idea to bring a kid to a boobshow like that.. :roll:
when you were between 8-10 yrs old did you have an interest in girls or tits?

children should enjoy their childhood and not rush into being a teen or other things. im not saying that if he sees it he will be scared or anything but its not something that he needs to see or worry about.

and to the drinking at 21 and driving at 16, you are able to drive because it requires common sense and experience, at age 16 you are able to use judegment and experience, a few times at the wheel and passing the test, to be able to drive a vehicle.

drinking alters mood, decision and other things and at 21 you are FAR better at making decisions that at 16 would be naive. if your drunk and impregnate some bitch youll be slightly better off at making decisions based on ur actions than if you got drunk and got someone pregnant at 16.
I guess it's more a car related event than a boob-show...
Yeah but that guy standing behind the little fellow seems to be with him, he could've walked passed it, but that he doesn't seem uncomfortable with it...
if that guy was a parent or guardian of the kid he was more busy with the show than his responsibility.

its so easy to criticise ppl for beeing too strict or prude or afraid of boobs but then then start asking why when their child gets someone pregnant or why that child is using drugs or why that child shot some kids at school.

a kid is a big fuckin responsibility and should be taken seriously. its no wonder we have half-assed parents these days. :roll:
At least in Germany sex is not a taboo issue so we know that a girl can get pregnant if you don't use a condom.
Although we're allowed to drink at 16 our rate of pregnant teens is siginificantly lower than in the USA...think about that!

I got a scooter when I was 16 and now that I'm older (20) I see that I was a lot more unreasonable and uncautious at 16 than I was at 18 when I started driving cars. The scooter could only do 30 mph and it wasn't as heavy as a car so it was less dangerous for me and -above all- for others.

justin syder said:
when you were between 8-10 yrs old did you have an interest in girls or tits?

Hell yeah, not in girls my age though.
I remember we once found a porn-mag on the way to school when we were in like 3rd grade, we were thrilled! :mrgreen: