Kill a dream


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Jun 18, 2004
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Basically you're like the Devil from the movie Bedazzled. Someone wishes for anything and you can grant it, but you have to sabotage it. You can have as many wishes as you like, but only 1 per post, and you have to ruin someone/anyone elses wish.

Example: Someone wishes to be President of the US. Make him JFK driving through Dallas.

I'll start with an easy one. I wish I could get all my gas/petrol free.

edit: One hole in the rules I'd like to mention, anyone can grant and kill any wish even if it's already been done.

/waits for thread to fail miserably.
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Hey this sounds like it could be fun! :thumbup:

Granted! But there's a giant asteroid two days away from hitting Earth.

I wish I had a jet pack.
Granted! But it's illegal due to CO2 emissions and therefore you'll only end up using it to escape the clutches of Dennis Kucinich's mean greens.

I wish to be the little girl.
Granted! But, a story has just broken that all your drivers are pedophiles. Your reputation is damaged beyond repair and your team is now worthless.

I wish I was in charge of Buick.
Granted! But the criminal who ends up mugging you doesn't care and shoots you in the head.

I wish I had a Buick GNX.
Granted! But now you're forced to live in a tree and eat used tires.

I wish I had a wish that no one could be able to screw with.
Granted! But you're now the sole-surviving human and nobody can screw with your wish...because they've all turned into zombies.

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener! That is what I'd truly like to be!
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Granted! But now you'll be captured by a Weight Watchers convention before getting eaten alive.

I wish I had a rep level like Quiky's.
Granted, but then you fall in love and marry Britney Spears.

I wish i could fly.
Granted! But you are also cursed to eternally fail to miss the ground.

I wish I was God.
Granted, but you're gunned down by the Saint of Killers after 5 minutes.

I wish the person after me can't think of a way to sabotage my wish.
Granted! But you were only able to get one wish to save your life, and you wasted it on that. Now you're dead.

I wish I had a big tub of ice cream.