Kill a dream

Granted. The sun expands and destroys all life.

I wish I had cool sunglasses.
Granted. But you are in Finland, and only have them to wear. So you spend all winter bumping into stuff and hurting yourself.

I wish I had a long overseas holiday coming.
Granted. Welcome to Siberia! And now, get to coal mining, immediately!
I wish the Sony SLT-a77, that's on my table now, was my personal SLR, not just a review unit!
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Granted. But you have just lost your eyesight.

I wish that medications were more effective
Granted you are now a big ball of jelly in a chair.

I wish that I had a nice beer right now.
Granted. But you are now listed as "Nil by Mouth" for that rather uncomfortable piles operation you are about to have.

I wish that I could skive off another day from work
Granted. But the exam was yesterday, and you missed it. Pity that was worth 90% of your grade.

I wish I had some coconut macaroons
Granted but that is all there is left in the world to eat.

I wish that I could fly like a humming bird.
Granted. But there is a tiny scratch, right in your eyeline, that sends you bonkers as it's the only thing you can see. And everyone around you keeps bumping you, pointing their cd changer remotes at you in an effort to change you to the 80s

I wish that work today was an employee free day.
Granted all employees including you work for free today.

I wish lunch was longer.
Granted. You are locked in your dining room and you have no way to escape. Forever.
I wish I could get in alaskarat's kitchen and steal all the goods while he is locked in his dining room.
Granted but Alaskarat has a kitchen that is seperate from the dining room causing you to get confused and go outside without a coat on and you die from exposure.

I wish nuetron was not dead in my front yard.
Granted your body is hauled off by a moose.

I wish it was moose hunting season.
Granted. The moose are armed and dangerous and coming for you.

I wish that Thursday night TV wasn't so crap.
Granted but your tv burst into flames.

I wish I was on top of a mountain.