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May 27, 2005
Ottawa, Canada
Decided to make Vietnamese Rice Wraps for the first time, since going to Chinatown everytime I have a craving is a huge timesink.

First one was a complete disaster...which I promptly ate :D



Made two sauces: one is similar to guac nom, which is fish sauce with some rice vinegar and brown sugar, and the other is a peanut/hoisin sauce.
They look good!
Guac nom...that is really an acquired taste, like Kimchi. I know no Vietnamese would be caught dead without it on the table...but wow. Hats off to your courage. :p
Then Kimchi will make you blow fire and give you the worst Kimchi farts and burps.
Maybe you wanna give a little more detail? We're not all familiar with Viet cuisine.

For starters, what exactly are those rice wraps? What's in it?
Fish sauce is really pungent, really have to go easy on it. As for what's in them, here's a list:

Each roll contains:
1 rice wrapper
1 lettuce leaf
3 Vietnamese mint leaves
3 shrimp (stir-fried with a dash of fish sauce, soy and hoisin)
1 small handful of rice vermicelli

Very tasty, very healthy. Almost no fat whatsoever since I used very little oil when stir frying.
Oh, I absolutely love viet food, especially the beef rice noodle soups!
I'm quite sure you're eating plastic! :eek: