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Koenigsegg CCR managed to lap the ring in 7.39s


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Oct 4, 2004
From http://www.koenigsegg.com/news/articles.asp?news=91&page=&type=news

Koenigseggs first lap at the N?rburgring.

Koenigsegg had an outing at the Nordschleife at the N?rburgring for the first time the other week.

Without any prior setup or adjustment the Koenigsegg CCR managed to lap the ring in 7.39 Seconds.

This lap time show tremendous potential and is already class leading. The Koenigsegg Team will be back on the Ring within short for further trials.

The Koenigsegg CCR features customer adjustable, shock absorbers, wheel geometries, anti roll bars, ride-height and tire pressure. These adjustable features will be now be utilized, and an customer official "Ring" setting will be created. Hopefully, theses settings will help the CCR to become the first road legal, series-produced Super car under 7.30 Seconds.

Words from the founder:

-Last weeks laps around the Ring show that the Koenigsegg CCR is not only a world beater in a straight line, but also around the most challenging circuit in the world. I cannot wait to have another go.

More info will follow on this exciting challenge....

Published: 6/28/2005

not bad ;)
Wow that is amazing, maybe some video will come out of this, I would really like to see it go around.

But was Chr.v. Koenigsegg driving himself? If he says -> I can't wait to have another go...

Well, I REALLY can't wait to have it at the TG track again and do a 1:17:something...

Interesting, the Carrera GT is way down on horsepower and is a lot heavyer, but is just one second down on the CCR. This shows the importance of a proper chassis...
Well...the Koenigsegg has a proper chassis! Remember that the Carrera GT spent a year or so pounding the Nurburgring. It was pretty much the only track they tested it on! You gotta say they therefore had plenty of time to get the setup right! As is says in the article...that was the Koenigseggs 1st lap! To be 1s faster than the CGT on the 1st lap with a basic setup is amazing! With some more time and some careful damper tweaking, they'll get into the 7min 20s easy!
i wonder if it can do that twice. I remember one one gumball rally video some guy had a koenigsegg, and it constantly broke down, he hardly got to drive the thing. But when it works, it sure is nice.
It's easy to understand why the CC8S on the Gumball broke down so often - first of all, as far as I know, only 1 or 2 cars had been sold before then, and after all, the car was still in developement. Things on (super)cars are improved and fixed as the cars go along. I'm sure that the car is much more reliable now.
^^ The last 2 posts would have made every statement I would have made, so I'm just posting to put some emphasis on it...

And somehow I don't believe, they were going FULLEST throttle with the CCR... They just can't afford to risk such an expensive car...
Walter R?hrl, ex rally driver and member of the Carrera GT Development Team, has crashed 2 CGTs while testing them on the Nordschleife...

A modern F1 car would never get round. It'd probably beach itself on Flugplatz :p The surface is more like a British A Road than a race track :D
I didn't really pay attention to the road imperfections when I did my lap...I was more focused on not killing myself.
Yah...bellof did a 6 11 in qualifying and a 6 26 in the race with other cars on track. He died later that year truing to pass on the outside of eau rouge at Spa. Brave man, insane skills, but a fatal lack of fear. The record for a production cr is 7 11 by a Radical SR3 turbo, which I beat many times in PGR2 and GT4 with racing cars.
I see there are sveral laptimes:
Stefan Bellof (D) Porsche 956
1983-05-29, 1000km Rennen, FL 20.832 km 194.333 km/h 6 25 910
Stefan Bellof (D) Porsche 956
1983-05-28, 1000km Rennen 20.832 km 202.073 km/h 6 11 130

Do you know what the FL stands for in the first Laptime?