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Koenigsegg CCX


Hormone Induced
Jun 21, 2005
Alberta, Canada
The Jeep of Theseus, Angry Wagon
From SuperCarFreak.net

February 9, 2006 Less than twelve months ago, the Koenigsegg CCR was the most powerful and fastest production car in the world, having just achieved a top speed of 388 kmh (Caution: large WMV movie) , raising McLaren's mark of 372 kmh set in 1993 by a whopping margin.

Prior to the CCR, the company?s CC8 was the world?s most powerful production car and the Swedish company has a proud history of creating brutally powerful roadsters. Then Bugatti finally put the long-awaited Veyron into production in October last, and it immediately became the world?s fastest (407 km/h), most powerful (987 bhp), most torquey (1,250 Nm at 2,200 rpm) and most outrageous (16-cylinder engine with four turbochargers and that?s just for starters) production automobile in automotive history.

But like the Viking warriors from which they descended, the folks at Koenigsegg haven?t conceded just yet and the company sent us this image and a quaint invitation to the launch of a new car at the 76th Salon International de l?Auto in Geneva. Be afraid ? be very afraid.

It?s caused a stir around here. What will Bugatti do, with all the might of the Volkswagen empire behind it, should Koenigsegg manage to usurp the crown it has regarded as its rightful inheritance. Watch this space.

I am drooling, and thats only the backend.

I predict this thing will be killer. I don't know if it can top the Veyron however.
i'll still like the veyron better no matter what. but this should be pretty fucking awesome no matter what. i wonder if they offer that color scheme on the CC/CCR...
mm nice. it looks the same though. It's probably just a few cosmetic and aerodynamic tweaks, the rest of the work will be under the hood. Not that that's a bad thing, just the Koenigsegg has been around for a while now, it's time for a redesign!!
I always prefered the Koenigsegg. All it needs is to beat the Veyron. :lol:
I've been turned off Konigzegs since Tiff reviewed it. Its got nothing to do with it breaking down but when he and Jason said how "twitchy" it is, I got turned off it. I respect their opinions..
Man that thing looks hot.. even though its just the rear end and the wheel but damn :dance:
it's a targa! that's enough convertible for me
Koenigsegg is already open top, in a very manual way.

Hmm I wonder is this CCX what they tend to run some day in Le Mans.
If they make a lite-versino of the bugatti this doesnt have a chance.

Why nust Koenigsegg be swedish? Anything else but not swedish! :wall:
that backend is enuff to make me fall in love with it again
I bet that thing will have 1000+ hp. Just to ruin bugattis day. And who knows, maybe even brake their speed record. But it will with 110 % certainty be far less reliable than the Bugatti and not as good built. Regarding the rims, I still like the CCR rims better. The new ones are some how to simple.