Kreuzberg/Ahrweiler flood relief - cars instead of cash!

Febi might be worth a shot.
Big little update!

The 106 that made its way to the flood region via ringmeet thanks to @DaBoom was parked at @loose_unit s place to wait for some exhaust part, but then through Joe's neighbor, it already found its new home last night with the neighbors uncle, who's 62 years old and lost his home and everything in it in the flood. It will still be fixed properly (the exhaust), but it's already handed over, the papers are in the mail tomorrow and it's officially gone!

1 down, at least 4 to go! <3

Any news?
I've always called them Vauxhall (Opel) Ashtrays but this car is doing its best to live up to that nickname.
Ok, I know I haven't updated this here much, mostly because the few people that care see the videos anyway. Here's the current situation, and I need to change that, and I may need some more help with that.

- Clio, Laguna and 106 are long gone and with happy new owners.


- keeps being a little bitch, popping up with new things every time I take it to be inspected.
-- got new front wheel bearings + brakes + steering boots, fixed another rust hole (which caused the last TÜV failure)
-- but the drive shafts are also dead (finally audible since the wheel bearing was fixed), I got new ones that I have yet to install
-- plus it needs actual TÜV and registration afterwards

- was pushed back hoping the Twingo would be quicker to do, is currently as seen in the last video
-- TBD: figure out why the rear brakes are stuck
-- replace 1 brake hardline under the car
-- fix a tiny rust hole
-- adress at least 2 cosmetical but larger items - trunklid and headliner
-- and in the end also TÜV and registration

The problem: Finances
- 147,97 EUR left in the account
- To be paid are 2x 122 Euro TÜV and 2x ~100-150 Euros for temp plates or short term registration and about 100 Euros of gas/train/bus fares to get them up there and me back home.

Since the GoFundMe doesn't make a difference and never gained traction outside of people I/we know, don't use that but instead I'd rather just save the 3% fees they charge and put it to use. So I'd prefer paypal ( or wire.

I appreciate all help with this.
Thank you to the 3 people that added 158,74 EUR to the balance so far!

I'll probably use a day off early next week to rent a lift again to do the drive shafts on the Twingo and hopefully finally TÜV it. I also decided to splurge and spend 2,37 EUR on a radio ISO plug pigtail, to wire one of the free radios to the Twingo. Mainly because that is one thing I can do at least inside the cold car instead of in the freezing temperatures on the floor of the driveway.
It's unpossible to read that response in anything other than Thomas' voice. I wish I could find a Condition:Cheap clip that went with it.

Edit: Don't confuse with with someone who isn't determined or understands what would be better than trying to find funny reactions in Thomas' videos. Point is I made some GIFs.

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I challenge everyone to donate a fiver everytime a new gif gets posted. :LOL: