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Lady In Red Vol.1


Oct 27, 2005
Dang i was hopping for a hot blonde girl in a sleeky red dress!!!

But the F430 is just as good, if not better. Probably worth more anyways.
AxlxA said:
Probably worth more anyways.

but in the long run is will cost you more :D

(is there a ferrari club anywhere without a "Made it through the event with no mechanical failures" award??!? ...the majority of time, this award goes un-claimed :p )
I was expecting Chris De Brugh. Nice car. It's a shame I don't know how to blank out the background on pics like this to make them into wallpapers. Photoshop is a mystery. Still, at least the picture is of the right size. I hate it when people post small pics. So thanks. :)
Top Gear Girl, use photoshop w/ the free hand loop tool and trace around the car. It's kind of hard to do it with the whole car with only 1 loop so do many loops and it should work. Is it call loop tool? you know the one where you select using free hand and it'll let you cut/delete/paste or whatever.
The lasso tool doesn't offer much detail, so alternatively there's Quick Mask. You know that big button on the bottom of the toolbar? With the squares and circles? Click that and you can brush out what you don't need in Quick Mask mode using black and white (and grey for transparency). Click the button again to exit Quick Mask and you'll get a nice selection of marching ants. Works every time. Excludes other GM vehicles.
this pic was a snapshot---not a photoshoot-ready setting.

there seems to be very little to no post-processing...

not really made to be a "wallpaper"

just a spur-of-the-moment pic.
Exactly guys. I just took a trip to my buddies place and took a shot. Nothing special. I have some really good stuff for you guys. Just takin time to get them ready. :D