Lambo crash in Russia.

Cleaning my hard drive I've found theese photos... That's not mine but I saw it for real (Because of traffic Jam on the road). That lambo crashed in June these year side on into the Lada (that was driven by drunk man across the road - He wanted to turn to the back lane(sorry my Englesh is not good)). Lambo was trevelling at 200kmh... Lambo's Driver just stand up and walk away!

Oh forget to tell. That's Russia - High way in a few kilometers from Moscow. (around 10.)

Here's the Photos. Sorry for the quality.. can't find better.

Poor Lambo :cry:
Lucky it didn't flip, considering it was doing 200km/h, because the occupants would've been trapped inside because of those vertical opening doors.

That Lada looks fuckED.
Dammit - why do cars like this have to be destroyed by dickheads (i.e. Lada driver) in accidents like this?
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as I see it, the dickhead is the lada driver! although, tjhe guy in the lambo should not have been doing 200, maybe.

and for that speed, that's not that big of a wreck, IMO

Tough Lada i supose.
So, everybody's sad for the lambo (me included), but I think i know someone who'll turn to the lada:)
Well that'll ruin your weekend. I'm surprised the Lambo isn't more damaged than it is. It came off a lot better than that H2 that hit the bus.:p