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Lamborghini Diablo Bi-turbo


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Oct 4, 2004
From blog.gtroc.com/dino/

●Lamborghini Diablo Bi-turbo
Supercars don't get more flamboyant than the Diablo. It's big, wide and sports a 530 PS 5.7 L V12. In fact this engine is one of the most emotional sounding V12s in existence! So it would be hard to understand why a car of this stature would not be enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers. Enter Mr. Kondou and his 1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV.


A beautiful example finished off in a fine metallic silver which is contrasted with the matte-black Neez magnesium racing wheels. You might already see a few little bits and pieces that are not standard fit, but hey this is Japan and people have always liked to personalize their cars. Step into the interior and again a there are a few little touches here and there...


You might spot the Motec dash logger which hints at a top of the line management system, understandable to want a bit more processing power in such a car.

Step around the back of the Diablo and you notice the engine cover is made of glossy carbon fiber...but wait, what is that under there? Open the cover and this is what you are confronted with....


Holy Mother of ....!!! What the hell happened here??

Yes ladies and gentleman your eyes have not failed you, this is indeed a twin-turbo-charged 5.7 L V12 Diablo SV! Feast your eyes on what is one of the most impressive engine conversions I have ever seen. Unlike bolting on ready-made, easy to fit bits & pieces like a lot of tuners do [playing Lego as I like to refer to it ;)] everything you see here has been designed and built for this particular car, all custom. The massive KKK K27 turbine and Blitz wastegates have found a home behind the massive V12 where they compress the air up to 1.2 Bar and feed the twin top-mounted intercoolers, again all custom built. This engine bay is something you just can't stop looking at...


This thing puts out 1187 PS at the rear wheels and a tractor rivaling (it is a Lambo after all!) 128.8 kgm. For those of you that can't get their heads around the modern metric system that is 931 pounds for every one of those "feet" you still use ;)

Out on the road this thing is savage. I thought highly tuned GT-Rs were fast but this thing is just ridiculous. It can pull 368 km/h flat out and there is plenty left as it bounces off the limiter in 5th. More power is on the cards too with a slight increase of boost and a few more tweaks Mr. Kondou is shooting for 1,400 PS and 136 kgm. Crazy!

For more images visit the original source.

This thing is a freakin rocket, not a car! :shock: :twisted: I don't like the looks of it, but damn that performance!

Really impressive modifications. Oh, and those magnesium wheels :eek:
I looked at the wheel site (neez.co.jp), unfortunatelly in japanese, but their wheels range depending on size and type, from the lightest 6.80kg to the heaviest of 10.40kg!!!
:shock: I'm impressed, but a bit sad too - I mean this is a Lambo after all
1187 PS from 5.7L twin-turbo

reminds me of those old pics of jap midnight club. nice clean engine :thumbsup:

just wondering, how those bugatti peeps spent millions to produce only 1001HP ????
368km/h :shock: Thats really something! Its a Diablo and i'd be powerless to resist it.
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
Italian rice makes me sick to my stomach for some reason.
:huh: Huh? The looks from outside are completely the same. Even the inside seems to be in original shape, except that gizmo thing. Rims are changed, and ok, there are some company stickers on the front door. No bodykits, no neon, no surfboard spoilers....How's this rice?:? + This has power, a LOT of power, compared to "rice".

Let's not confuse terminology.

The term rice burner or rice car most often refers to automobiles (usually economy cars) that have the appearance of a customized or high performance car, but often little or no functional modifications, such as an improved engine, suspension, or brakes. This practice is in contrast to the "stealth" or "sleeper" style of automotive modification where a vehicle may have major internal modifications for greater performance, but the appearance remains similar to that of a stock model.

Some people will call any Asian made vehicle a "rice car", frequently derogating it in favor of US-produced vehicles. There is also some confusion with the term "rice rocket," meaning a fast car, sports car, or sport motorcycle from Japan.
^ I like stock rims on Italian cars - dunno why, I just do.

And those cheap stickers. It's like a child writing on the walls with marker. :yucky:

Cool engine though. :thumbsup:
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
And those cheap stickers. It's like a child writing on the walls with marker. :yucky:

But they're worth at least 20hp :p

(I hate those stickers too)
/me doesnt like the stickers either, but well, even with those stickers imo it doesn't classify as a ricer. ;)

Btw, anyone with a guess of how much $$$ has been spent ont this thing? Already a stock Lambo doesn't come really cheap, and considering he doubled the power of this beast...must've been quite a fortune.
I agree with pdanev. That aint rice, thats just Italian pasta.

Also agree with Ultra_Kool_Dude - Stock rims on Italian cars :thumbsup: (all exotics really)

Damn, if they painted it red, its the equivalent of 50bhp! :p
This guy must shit $100's. That's just ridiculous.

Edit: 993! My second favorite Porsche ever!
I expect he has to have the stickers as they probably sponsered the project. I think it's bloody awsome, if purely from the technology.
^ That's true, its quite common practice with such special cars that make it into magezines etc, that certain shops, or product distributors, make some offers in turn for a little publicity. Or as you said, maybe even complete sponsorship.
Very nice car....and made with very good taste.
Novitec is italian rice in my book, with smoked lights and wings...
Maybe we should use "Rizzo" (=rice in italian) :lol:
I love dino's blog, bloody good photography too.

On the lambo, that's phreaking amazing. Imagine the sound of the Lambo V12, then ad woofleing and chuffing of twin wastegates.... I think i need to find a quiet room again...
OT, but: ^Exactly! + He is releasing now wallpapers as well. :thumbsup: Only 1 per week, but still :thumbsup:
^ I had a laugh at his post about getting far too many requests for wallpapers. Heh, I think I wrote in twice to try to get him to.
That car there is insanity in sheet metal form. :lol:
Somebody made 1200hp from an Italian supercar for far less than what VW spent on the Veyron project!