Ownership Verified: Lancer of DOOM!

coco's car was paid for, no loans. TBH, I kind of like this and wouldn't mind doing the same for the next car.

The money isn't even the biggest frustration--it's the TIME. Hi, my name is [coco] and my hobby is driving things. GUESS WHAT I HAVEN'T HAD FOR A COUPLE MONTHS?!

Guess what I wasn't able to fix and get running because I got hit? And guess which scratch-off-the-bucket-list event at one of my favorite tracks I had to miss as a result?

Guess how little spare time I have because I'm running around trying to get the daily driver fixed?

Scratch that, I'll answer that one--I have no spare time. None. At. All. I'm exhausted.

Even if I wanted to replace the Lulzcer (which I really don't want to right now), I don't have TIME to even think about it. I don't even have time to take a wee.

Seriously, if I could just hire someone to deal with this BS while I get on with my life, I would. I am so. freaking. tired. of having to interrupt my day to call the insurance company on something, take the car back to the shop because something it's right, or head off for a follow-up appointment on parts that are still aching me. It's beyond ridiculous.
My friend got her 1 Series badly mauled overnight by a Van who overtook in town, crashed into a motorhome and pushed it on her car:

Anyways, she immediately handed everything over to a lawyer, who now deals with BMW, the other insurance, the cops, got her a rental and everything. Isn't that an option for you? I mean, you live in the country that was built on sueing each other, isn't there an option to make someone PAY for all of this, including the shop that botched your repair up? Make them pay for a rental until the Lancer is either declared writeoff or completely fixed?? Or sue the repair shop for time wasted at work to fix their shit, so they pay your wage?
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Nooooo! Not a 1 series!

Yes, that is an option.

If anyone knows of a good lawyer in the Austin area, PM me.
You shouldn't need to find your own lawyer. Your insurance company should chase up the other party's insurers and have trusted engineers, loss adjusters and lawyers to do all of that for you.



The brake issue was fixed with a simple flush and some tightening up of that whole system. Otherwise, it's working fine.

I have a dent in one wheel from the city's constant construction around my house--ugh--but it's just a minor nuisance, really. I'll either repair or replace that as soon as I have LeMons taken care of. I may drop the City of Austin a nastygram about how ridiculously slow the construction in this neighborhood has been, how they leave a mess, how they turn my water off at random times with no prior warning, and how they've completely ruined 29th Street en route to work. Yeah, all of that is ruining my struts, wheels and life right now.

I've hooned the Lancer several times now--it's back! Drives as well as it ever has.

The only things left to get fixed from the wreck are:
1. Get the hood to align right--it's still just barely off.
2. Get the front license plate bracket on.
3. Install the dipstick guide that goes through the engine cover.
4. Get them to look at the plastic fog light cover that popped out a while ago--I think a rock hit it, but I want to make sure it's okay. I haven't noticed it out again, so that's fine.

Other than that, it should be good to go! My car is BACK!

Oh, and check out my backseat from that autocross:

Christmas Puffalumps! :wub:
Cutest autocross backseat EVER.
Still cute.
Ze car is back to normal again! REJOICE.

When is the next trackday/auto cross? :lol:
That didn't last long.

I was so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! about having my car back that I promptly ate through my good brake pads in the front, haha. I'll probably wait until I get finished with the 944 to buy Lancer toys, so I'm rolling around with annoying O'Reilly's el cheapo pads.

Then the City of Austin's incompetent road crews forgot to put my side street back together properly, so I bent a wheel. They've been hacking up every street in my neighborhood since early last year. It's miserable to drive the Lulzcer right about now. I really need to inspect my wheel and tire and see if they're getting any worse. The vibration seems to be worse now. Called the city to complain. No response. Incompetent road crews still at it, and my side street is half-gravel now. In the middle of the city. So. Unamused.


I know that some of your nearby roads are horrible, but overall and in total, Houston has you beaten there. I mean just Richmond alone is like as long as Lamar but as bad as 29th, all the way.
Come to Chicago if you want new wheels. We'll hook you up.
I'm still being seen for a few of the injuries, but I recently sent a bunch of docs off to the insurance company.

Now we wait. :(

I know that some of your nearby roads are horrible, but overall and in total, Houston has you beaten there. I mean just Richmond alone is like as long as Lamar but as bad as 29th, all the way.

They've ripped it up further since, though.

Apparently "let's throw a buncha crap in the hole and GTFO before anyone can complain" is their street patching strategy.
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Around here you can see the faces on the cold patching crews. They say "we know this doesn't work but, we have families to support and bosses to please."
I got a response from the City of Austin. They claim that they're not liable for the incompetence of their public works crews. Drive at your own risk? Ugh.

So mad right now.

*And* my wheel's still bent.